Terms and Conditions

Please use the recipes and information you find here as guidance for your home fermenting activities. 

Fermented food is not a cure all. While it has a place in health-supportive habits and diets, achieving well being depends on many factors, including a balanced diet, regular proper sleep, and exercise, among others. We encourage you to get to know fermentation and how it can benefit you personally while paying attention to your body’s needs and reactions, and adjusting based on this intimate knowledge. We do not offer any medical advice and information found here should not replace the advice of your doctor. 

Food safety

While we make our best effort to share safe and tested techniques for a successful ferment, you are responsible for the results of your efforts and safety of your own food in your kitchen. 

It’s important to note that fermented foods often have strong odors. It usually has a  sour but clean smell and flavor. If it smells putrid or has an aroma similar to rotting food, do not use it. The classic rule applies, “If in doubt, throw it out.” Or we much prefer, “If in doubt, compost it.”

Food-borne illnesses related to food typically involve the canning process or cross-contamination of food. Getting sick from properly fermented foods is rare from our own personal experience, unless you take into account a person’s food allergies. So always check ingredients to be used in recipes.

For more tips on safety and successful ferment, you can read our fermentation basics and FAQs.

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