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For centuries, fermentation has been utilized to produce distinctive and savory foods and beverages. Nowadays, fermentation has grown into a widely popular culinary trend and it is easy to see why. Fermented foods are rich in live beneficial microorganisms, which aid in digestion and boost immunity. Consequently, ferments often add a delicious and unique flavor to dishes.

At Starter Sisters, where we adjust our fermentation duration in response to changes in heat and humidity, switch to more accessible ingredients, source non-iodized salt, and utilize non-reactive items for submerging and creating an airlock, these are the three ferments that were particularly popular this year. For anyone interested in exploring fermentation, these recipes are highly recommended. After all, like all the ferments we have created and tested at length, these are all incredibly easy to make.

1. Pandan-Ginger Soda Starter

Our recipe for a pandan-ginger bug fermentation starter is perfect for creating homemade sodas and other probiotic-rich beverages. It incorporates the subtle sweetness of pandan and its grassy aroma to create a unique flavor. Keep some on hand for a convenient way to make healthful sodas whenever you feel like it. It’s a wonderful ferment to have specially for when you’re entertaining at home. Full recipe here.

2. Burong Mustasa

Fermented mustard greens are a popular condiment found throughout the Asian continent, including Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, Laos, and China. We are therefore pleased to discover that this Asian version of sauerkraut trumped kimchi in terms of popularity on our website. An excellent way to enjoy mustard greens, you can find the recipe here.

3. Burong Kalamansi

Preserved lemons, a common ingredient in Moroccan and North African cuisine, are lemons cured in salt for at least one month. The Burong Kalamansi recipe uses the same technique and if and when made correctly, can be kept for a considerable period of time. In addition to kalamansi other organic varieties such as dalandan, satsuma, dalanghita, and dalayap may also be utilized. Check out the recipe here.

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