Fermented Sawsawan (Condiments) Roundup

Sides are the way to go when you want to start eating ferments more regularly. Think kimchi and burong mustasa. We thought we’d expand on that a bit more by fermenting some of our favorite sawsawan, and sneak in some more probiotic (and prebiotic!) benefits if we can help it. Here’s a roundup of fermented condiments you can start making.

Burong Kalamansi

This is our favorite toyomansi replacement in a pinch, as it already has both saltiness and the familiar kalamansi acidity we love. Remove the pulp, mince the rind, and top up with more calamansi juice. If you find the rind kind of bitter for your taste, sprinkle a bit of sugar or add some chili oil. Recipe here.

Burong Kamias

The perfect sawsawan to fried ulam. We thought of looking for other ways to use up our burong kamias supply but…why? Kamias has a lot of medicinal properties, but if you have kidney dysfunction, it may be best to not overdo this ferment or avoid it altogether. It has a large amount of oxalic acid, and excessive consumption of kamias can lead to acute kidney injury. Recipe here.

Fermented Hot Sauce

One of the easiest ferments to make! This recipe uses a basic technique that you can adapt to your own liking–use different kinds of chilies, mix in some tropical fruit like pineapple or mango, or create different flavor profiles inspired by different cuisines by adding different spices. Recipe here.

Fermented Chilli

Leeks Kimchi

Want a sawsawan for those fried goodies that’s sour, spicy, and extra pungent? This ferment is for you. It’s also quite versatile, and we have added it to soups and fritters. We have nicknamed it dragon’s breath kimchi so be warned. Recipe here.

Vegan Bagoong

This salty, citrusy tausi paste is a great substitute for bagoong (shrimp paste). Use with vegan kare-kare or slivers of green mango. Maybe you can even make some vegan bagoong rice. Remember that it’s quite salty so just a little goes a long way. Recipe here.

Fermented Banana Ketchup

Once you get the hang of making your own ketchup and tweaking it to your liking, you’ll never need to buy the commercial versions again. Ripe bananas have all the sweetness that we (and the bacteria) need–watch them get all bubbly in no time! Add curry powder and lime juice, or make it hot and spicy. Recipe here.

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